In the Third Grade

The Grades are thoroughly enjoying eurythmy classes, and third through sixth grades are excited to share what they have learned during the past 6 weeks of eurythmy during a special eurythmy performance next Thursday, March 29.  Last week third grade students learned about money and by making change and running their own shops.  Beeswax figures and paintings were created as store merchandise, priced, and then “sold” to classmates.  A ledger of sales was kept and profits were determined.  It was great fun working with real money, and third graders had an opportunity to bring in foreign currency to share with the class.  This week, third graders have begun practicing their play and are very excited to have their own lines this year!

The Third Grade has also been working diligently on their knitted hats in Handwork class. The hats are coming along quite nicely with a few of them being completed.

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