In the Second Grade

The second grade class performed in their first St. George Play to kick off the Festival of Courage on September 23rd. In addition to the hard work of practicing and remembering all the words of the play, they also created shields for Saint George and crowns for the princesses to wear. It takes incredible courage to stand in front of a room full of adults, and perform a play, but on top of that, they helped to slay the dragon! Second grade has since entered into their first arithmetic block of the year. We’ll be practicing our times tables rhythmically, learning them as we snap, clap and pass bean bags. We will also be given opportunities to remember what we have learned rhythmically, and figure out the answer to word problems. We’ll be discovering place value as we tackle the problem of counting up many of something – like all the apples in an orchard or basket full of buttons. How much easier it becomes when they are organized into bags of 10, and then into baskets of 100!

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