In the Morning Garden

The Morning Garden classes have been enjoying winter.  Outside we have been sled riding, catching snow on our tongues, and shoveling snow paths.  One day we found the play yard full of snow “stones” and hauled them to one area and built a little house.  On icy days we “skated” about and slid down the icy hill on our tummies and bottoms…we didn’t even need the sleds.

Inside we are working with wool fleece, washing the dirt and bits of dried grass and flowers from the wool, then carding it to make wool fleece. We’ve used the fleece for various projects including wool balls, felted hearts and even a troll and snowmen.

We are hearing stories about a little boy who builds a magical snowman who dances about in the moonlight, and another about a little girl who drops her hat one wintry, snowy day and a bunch of animals find it just right for a cozy house….until the bear sneezes.

To celebrate Valentines day we set a fancier snack table with table clothes and flowers and along with our biscuits enjoy extra treats from our families.

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