In the Morning Garden

One of our Autumn projects in the Morning Garden classes is making apple butter.  We prepare many bushels of apples of all sorts – honey crisp, jonagold, spygold, golden delicious, melrose and fuji – and freeze containers of apple butter to enjoy throughout the winter months on our snack biscuits, warm from the oven.



Morning Garden Apple Butter

Wash, peel and cut (dice) enough apples to fill, to heaping, a crock pot

Note:  A mixture of at least two types of apples works best.


Add 1-1 ¼ cups of apple juice or apple cider

Optional: Add a cinnamon stick to pot

Cook, covered, on high setting


Once apples become quite soft stir with a large whisk to break up chunks

When it reaches applesauce stage, either remove lid or cover pot halfway

Add a few teaspoons of cinnamon


Continue to whisk occasionally. Mixture will thicken and darken as it cooks down to about ¼ of the original amount and will finally look like apple butter


Taste– if on the tart side, add some honey.

Add more cinnamon, (plus optional bit of nutmeg) to taste


Allow to cool in crock pot until warm and put into jars or plastic containers

Apple butter may be frozen (allow some space at top of container for expansion), stored in refrigerator for a few weeks, or canned.

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