In the Grades

It is officially play season at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. On April 15th those who attended the Barnes & Nobles Book Fair were treated to an encore presentation of the 5th Grade’s play Rama and Sita and in late March families were able to enjoy a 2 day run of the 6th Grade’s play Androcles and the Lion.

 The 4th Grade got to experience the big stage for their play, taking advantage of Quantum Theater’s auditorium wrapping stage for their performance of Thor, the Bride and the week following the 3rd Grade performed their play Joseph and His Brothers on the main stage in the Auditorium.


Next week will see the performance of the 2nd Grade’s play Saint Jerome and the Lion on Friday May 4th followed by the 1st Grade’s rendition of Rumplestilskin on May 11th in their classroom.

Congratulations to the Grades thespians on your performances and best of luck to those with upcoming performances

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