In the First Grade


After many weeks of preparation and play-acting, the first grade class performed their first play, The White Snake, for family and friends last week. To celebrate the fruits of our hard work, we held a potluck of delicious food. Thank you to the parents of the first grade class who helped make this possible! It is already clear that the class has grown from this experience and has gained confidence. After just four short days, it seemed as if the first graders all grew as quickly as the flowers and leaves outside.


Thinking back to the beginning of first grade, when they first walked up the grand staircase, to their first day as a first grader – I am amazed at how much we have grown together! Since the beginning of the year, the first grade class has shared much together. We’ve shard our successes and our struggles, laughter and tears, many lessons of discovery, and even a few colds. We’re currently finishing our third math block of the year and are having great fun with numbers. Since the beginning of the year, we have experienced the quality of every number up to twelve, learned about four people, Addy the Baker, Minus Miner, David Divide, and Mul de Plier, and the good deeds that each of

them do with quantities of things. Mul, who can multiply and turn a few things into many – very quickly, and Minus Miner whose treasure trove of crystal and generous heart has given him the reputation of being there to share with others in need. And we’ve been counting all kinds of things – gems, beads, nuts, stomps and claps. And that’s just math! Soon, we will be embarking on our last language arts block and will be creating our own story book.

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