In the First Grade

Friday morning assemblies are a much anticipated time in the elementary school, because  all Grades classes gather together. in the auditorium to sing and share, as well as recite their morning verses.  Each week, a different grade shares some of the work they have been doing in their classroom.  This may be a new song, verse, poem or recorder performance that the class is working on.  These short moments of performing in front of school peers demonstrate interconnectedness between the grades,and they also instill a sense of confidence in the youngest students when they begin to share their work with the older classes.
This past Friday assembly was the First Grade’s first performance. Three short verses were chosen by the class to recite, and Ms. Thomas and the students were excited and eager to demonstrate what they learned and to introduce the pieces to the school.  Here is a taste of what was presented:

“A Verse for the Letter ‘J’”  (as students jumped in the form of a letter J at each J sound):
Jolly Joringle Jumped for Joy
Just as his Jubuliant Jorinda
Joined his side

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