In the First Grade

“Busy bumblebees buzz boldly
As they bounce and balance
Between big, beautiful bluebell blossoms.”

…and thus the journey began in the land of letters.

After a few weeks of form drawing while the children gained confidence sitting at their desks, using main lesson books, and hiding crayons, we were ready for the first of many grand letter adventures.

The story of the Queen Bee brought alive the image of the bee, which we drew and discovered it actually looked quite similar to the way grown-ups write the letter ”B”.  For days afterward we practiced our poem about the bee as we made lists of words that had the letter “B”in them.  This rich, multi-layered process took us through the entire alphabet of consonants; in addition to discovering why we cannot hear the King (K), when little Nimmy (N) is around, such as what we find in words like “knit” and “knight.”

By Winter Break, the first grade will not only have been introduced to all of the letters and vowels, but will also have worked with numerals up to 12, met Daphne Divide, Penelope Plus, Manuel Minus, Equatios Equals, Maxwell Multiply, and have counted to 100!  WHEW!!  And they have just begun their journey!

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