A farm friend of Mrs. Konefal-Shaer recently sent her a special package. The box came through the mail, and although it was rather large, it was very light. Inside was a plastic bag and a card. The card described the farmer’s sheep, Petty, the sheep who loves to be petted. Petty was shorn over last summer and the farmer couldn’t use all the wool. Petty’s wool is beautiful and long and smells like a barn.

Two classes have already worked with some of the wool. The Second Graders have washed and carded it and are currently using it to stuff the knitted sheep they are currently making. They are getting very good. The First Grade has washed it and even dyed a small batch for a new project they are working on—yarn making. They have twisted the clean wool around with a stick, creating their handmade yarn. What will the First Grade do with this new, soft wool?

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