Handwork Workshops

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is looking for teachers and/or volunteers to lead a knitting class (open to adults and age-appropriate children) one evening or weekend day per week for three weeks (for three meeting sessions total) starting in March. We have received a number of enthusiastic requests from adults who would like to learn how to knit, along with new students to the school. If you are experienced in knitting, crocheting, wet felting or nettle felting, there are many in the community who would benefit from your knowledge.


We are hoping to host the following evening/weekend workshops:


  • Knitting 101: The basics
  • Wet Felting for Beginners
  • Nettle Felting for Beginners


Please contact Abigail Sanders for questions regarding pay/volunteer hours, location, dates, supplies, etc. at asanders@waldorfpittsburgh.org or 412-441-5792 x230.


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