Great Start to a new year and a new chapter for the school

Our sixth grade, which is the first year of our Upper Elementary program expansion, has started with a bang!  We have eight students returning and three new classmates who have joined us.  Our first main lesson block of the year helped us plant our feet firmly on – and in – the earth with mineralogy.  In our first two weeks of school we focused on sedimentary rocks, the forming of fossil fuels (coal and petroleum), and have looked into limestone and its relationship with the water cycle.  Next week we will travel in our studies to the Pacific Ring of Fire and begin understanding the igneous rocks. In addition to these studies, we have daily math class, regular language arts class, and the usual suspects of Spanish, Russian, games, and music.  New to this year is woodworking, which we have with Mr. Hare and woodwinds class with Ms. Yaney

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