Grade Five News: Botany and Basketball

Fifth Grade has kicked off our school year with a study of botany. We’ve investigated Photosynthesis, fungus, lichen, algae, and moss along with the relationship of the bees to the plants. Please visit the second floor landing for all the chalk pastel pictures of mushrooms.

Portabellas by Ben

Mushrooms by Mab

Royal Trumpet Mushrooms by Melanie

We also read aloud to first graders each week which is a great way of getting to know our newest grade school members – as well as further our reading skills.

A Fifth Grade student reads to First Graders

Finally, we are also pretty excited for the Greek Games in May. We have starting training for it by running around the block each morning. This will expand to discus and javelin throwing and wrestling. In the meantime we are gearing up for sports with our basketball hoop in our classroom.

Fifth Graders playing basketball
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