Fourth Grade Zoology

The fourth grade is in its second zoology block of the year.  In December we learned about mammals, fish, and other sea creatures and how they relate to humans.  In this block we are learning about birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  We are learning about habitat, diet, conservation, and discussing some of the more fascinating behaviors to be found in the animal kingdom.  This will

culminate in a trip to the zoo on May 24th.  Each student has selected an animal on display at the zoo, and he/she will read about it beforehand, observe its behavior, and then create a poem and 3-D model of its habitat.

This week the fourth grade finished their work with the dodo, which culminated in a lovely bit of group poem writing.  To afford the children some practice with discovering rhymes and crafting poetry while still relaying information, they worked together to create the following:

Like a pigeon was the dodo
But flying was a no-no
It lived on Mauritius
And though it wasn’t delicious
The birds were eaten by the Dutch
And their dogs and cats devoured the clutch
They drove the species to extinction
But helped us learn about conservation

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