Forest Garden News

Forest Garden store is now open for business.  Please continue to excuse a few minor things still being worked on.

Payment policies are the same except IOU’s will now be acceptable for 10 days and then the school will send an invoice if not paid in full.  Include the receipt and payment (with 7% tax) in an envelope and place into slot in file cabinet; there is a calculator available.  The IOU box is on the mantle. Checks are accepted; please write out the check to the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. Credit cards can also be used; the forms are also located on the mantle.  Please include your name, address and phone number on the form. (This is not the preferred payment method because a fee is paid to the credit card company).  It is possible that items may have lost a price tag in the move.  Please provide your name, your phone number, as well as the item purchased – in as much detail as possible -and place onto an IOU indicating no price marked.  Someone will then contact you with the price.

Thanks for supporting the store!  The Forest Garden Team-Kristi Pickens, Katt Ongkeko, Carol Balk and Claire LeBeau.

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