Financial Aid

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is committed to developing a student body that reflects a diverse community. The school strives to enable children to attend the school regardless of their family’s financial means.  To that end, financial aid is available to students who are admitted into the school and whose families cannot afford full tuition.  Financial Aid has been established to assist families in meeting tuition requirements and is available to students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. Financial Aid is not available for 3 day Nursery, Morning Garden, or Little Friends programs. Awards are based on the applicant’s needs and are means-tested. Please make sure to read the eligibility requirements and to comply with those requirements by the time your application for financial aid is considered.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for financial aid funds, a student must be eligible for enrollment for the period covered by the aid. A student is eligible for aid only if the student’s account is not in default. If the student is joining the school for the first time, the application fee must be paid in full by the time financial aid applications are considered.

A returning student is in default when either the following is true:

  • The student’s account is in arrears at the time of application for financial aid, and there is no agreement in effect between the school and the student’s parents or legal guardians to bring the account up to date.
  • The student’s account is in arrears two weeks before the start of the school year with no agreement in effect between the school and the student’s parents or legal guardians to bring the account up to date.


Applications for financial aid must be made through TADS using the following link:

Click here to apply at

To prepare for the formal online application, the following worksheet is available to compile the necessary information:

Click here to apply at

There is a $39 fee to process the financial aid application. If you wish to apply by mail, a hard copy of the application can be obtained by calling TADS at 800.884.8237. An additional fee of $5 is charged for paper applications. Applicant is required to send any necessary documentation to TADS. All applications are due February 13th for enrollment the following fall. Applications received past this deadline will be reviewed after March 11th on a case-by-case basis.

All submitted information is handled with the strictest confidentiality. Financial aid awards are made by committee decision.

Families will be notified by March 11th of their award amount.

Payment Plan for Financial Aid Recipients

Unless otherwise requested, families who receive financial aid will be enrolled in a monthly payment plan with tuition charges evenly divided over ten months beginning in July and ending in April.  Tuition payments are to be made in a timely manner.  If there is a change in financial circumstances, parents are responsible for notifying the Business Manager so that any appropriate reassessment of financial aid funds can be made.  If a family becomes 30 days late with tuition payments, the Business Manager will set up a payment plan for the past due amount. If 60 days late, proceedings will begin to withdraw the student.

Appeals of Financial Aid Committee Decisions

Committee decisions regarding a financial aid award can be appealed by submitting a written request to the Chair of the Financial Aid Committee identifying the reason for the appeal and additional information to substantiate the request.

Please contact the school’s business manager, Bob Roberson, at, or at 412-441-5792 x225, for more information on financial aid.

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