Fifth Grade Mandalas

With the help of parents Adam Lobel and Allie Lee, the fifth grade enriched their studies of Ancient India by learning about meditation and mandalas. Adam connected Buddha’s life to a meditation game that the class loved, and everyone was amazed by how easily they could hear the first grade singing and still stay focused. He also spoke about Buddha’s life in a way that struck a chord with many of the students.

Later in the week, Adam and Allie returned to create a mandala with the class. In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, a mandala is a way to meditate and move at the same time. The class was able to do a lot of productive problem solving together and created a beautiful mandala. Everyone’s ideas were heard and included in some way, and the class did a nice job of letting go of the mandala at the end by sweeping it to many parts of the play yard.

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