Felting Eggs in the Coral Bell Kindergarten

It finally feels like spring outside, and the Coral Bell Kindergarten is honoring the much anticipated change of seasons indoors and out.  The children are excited to be able to spend a little bit more time outside, and we are all excited that snow pants are no longer needed.  Outdoors we are all noticing the lovely spring flowers that are blooming all over our school grounds.

Indoors we have started a circle with verses and songs about spring cleaning.  This is a favorite of many of the children, and the verse that is the most beloved is:

Our dog shaggy is dirty and does not smell good.
Should we give him a bath?  Mother says we should.
Baths are not what our dog likes, and he is running away.
Come back here shaggy, we are spring-cleaning today!
Now we caught our dog shaggy, so we can gently wash and scrub.
Scrub-a-dub-dub, wash the dog in the tub.

We have also started wet felting some colorful eggs, and the children are busy discussing what might hatch from these eggs when we are finished!  Wet felting is an activity that involves wrapping wool around an object, putting soap and warm water on the wool, and then moving it around quickly in your hands.  As the children move the egg around in their hands the wool becomes tighter and changes from a loose round shape to look more like an egg.

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