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Please extend a warm welcome to Rebecca Rowland, our new Extended Care Coordinator.

All parents who wish to use the Extended Care Program must submit a $30 application fee with their application. The $30 application fee needs to be received before use of the program. If you signed up for the program and have not paid the application fee, please give the payment to the Business Manager, Laura Baker, or the Extended Care Coordinator, Becca Rowland.

Contractual use of the Extended Care Program for September will be billed by the Business Office on Tuesday, September 7th. All contractual use of Extended Care must be paid in advance, and is usually due on the first of each month. The payments for contractual use of extended care for September are due the first day that your child uses the program. Late fees will be added to unpaid September invoices on Tuesday, September 21. Your child will not be allowed to participate in extended care beginning Tuesday, September 21st until any outstanding past due amounts are paid for the month of September. Please note, September 21 gives parents an additional one-week grace period for their child’s participation if they still owe past-due amounts. Please leave your payment for Extended Care in the Business Manager’s box at the front desk or mail them to the school for any September payment.

October charges for contractual use of Extended Care will be sent to ECSI, the school’s external billing agency. If your child uses Extended Care on a regularly scheduled basis, invoices will be sent to parents after September 15th.  Please note that the ECSI invoice looks very different from an invoice sent directly from the school’s Business Office.  October charges are payable by Friday, October 1st to the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh via ECSI.  Payments can be made by check and sent to ECSI or you can make payments on-line at the ECSI website.  If you are paying your tuition through ECSI, then the Extended Care charges should appear on the same invoice as October’s tuition payment.  If these charges are not paid by the 15th of October, then a $25 late fee will be added to your account and your child will not be allowed to participate in extended care beginning October 15th until all past due amounts are paid for the month of October.  Extended Care billing by ECSI will continue for the remainder of the school year after October.

Occasional use of the Extended Care Program is invoiced at the end of every month after care is received. You are also welcome to leave payment at the time of service or in advance of the time of service. Please leave Extended Care payments in the Front Office for the Business Manager. If you are more than two weeks past due on a payment for occasional use of the extended care program, then a $25 late fee will be added to your Extended Care charges, and your child will not be allowed to participate in the Extended Care Program until all past-due amounts have been received. Remember to schedule all occasional use of Extended Care through the front desk, giving 24-hour advance notice.

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