“Experiencing the Spirit of the Sun”, a Talk Offered on July 13th

Zoe Workman, a founding parent of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, is visiting Pittsburgh with Nora Minassian, a Christian Community Priest from Devon, PA. Nora has offered to bring to our school and broader community the gift of a talk entitled “Experiencing the Spirit of the Sun” on Thursday, June 13th, from 7-8:30pm in the WSP Auditorium.  While this is not a school sponsored event, we see this as a unique gift to our school.  We are not a religious school, but we do study various religions and their development within cultures during different historical periods and thought that some of you might find this of interest.


What are the festivals of the year?  What are their relationships to the seasons and to the times of the year?

In our fast-paced culture and a world centered on work, production or success, we can easily lose sight of the festivals of the year.  How does one festival connect to another and what lives in between them?  What is the importance of celebrating them?  We will specifically look at the festivals of Easter, Ascension and Pentecost and how we enter into St. John’s tide.

Rev. Nora Minassian was born to an Armenian family in Syria. After completing a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Nora worked in the Software Quality Engineering field in Silicon Valley, CA both in technical and in managerial roles for twelve years. While working full time, Nora received her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and completed Waldorf Teacher Training at BACWTT. Finding Anthroposophy and The Christian Community led Nora to the Seminary of the Christian Community in Chicago, and then in Stuttgart, fulfilling her practical year in Johannesburg and in KwaZulu, Natal Communities in South Africa.

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