Expansion Committee Letter

Dear Waldorf Community Members,

I just want to say thank you to all of you who were able to attend last Friday’s All Community Meeting where we (the expansion committee) presented a comprehensive plan including all essential pieces (pedagogy, enrollment, finance, development, physical plan, interior building/exterior grounds) for expanding our school to the 8th grade.

For the sake of those of you who were not able to attend, here’s a brief re-cap.
Faculty, staff, board members and many parents from a wide variety of grades were on hand to view a power point presentation from the expansion committee and for questions and answers ranging from exploring geo-thermal heating/cooling, ADA concerns, requests to get our images on the website/on presentation boards at the school and including the presentation at Winter/May Fair and other school events.

In the end, the expansion committee accomplished our goal: To present a realistic plan to the parent body that illustrates how the school will expand to the 8th grade starting with sixth grade next year.

I invite everyone to stay tuned for more info on next steps including:
Getting the power point presentation on our website, creating our development strategy as part of the finance committee, exploring options to support the hiring of a firm to complete our master plan, and later (something I know many of you have been waiting for…) coordinating our plan of attack to improve our first spaces for next year (which means some of you folks will finally get to roll up your sleeves and swing a hammer, paint, walls, etc. for our new 6th grade!)

If you have any questions regarding the meeting or the expansion committee, please feel free to contact me at 412-441-1690 or jdorsey641@gmail.com.

Finally, as co-chair of the expansion committee, I want to thank everyone who the meeting such a success, especially my co-chair David Nash (board member) who spent several days meeting with many of us and fine tuning the power point to include everyone’s feedback, Russ Sabo (board member & finance/development committee member) and Laura Baker (business manager) for spending the last few weeks working through financial scenarios, Alexander Lee (landscape architect) and Stefani Danes (architect) for coordinating the phasing plan to include the interior and exterior improvements year by year, Anne Clair Goodman (faculty) for a wonderful presentation of the upper grades, Veronica Harris and Ashley Comer (parent association co-chairs) for helping with all those hot lunches and announcing that proceeds will go to purchase the 6th grade furniture and of coarse Alex Gruskos (board president) and the rest of the board for continually supporting our efforts in countless other ways.

Having worked on the expansion committee now for 17 months, (including working with four architects) I’m continually inspired and re-energized by the commitment and talents of our parents to see this project through. We are strengthened by your energy and gifts. Truthfully, with the capacity of our parents, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together!

Yours in service,

Jeffrey Dorsey
Expansion Committee Chair

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