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The school’s Open House on Saturday, November 19th was a great success, and all of the visitors to our school that day submitted applications to our programs.  The school would like to extend its thanks to the many volunteers helped out with the preparations for the Open House event; their work was essential to the success of the event.
Last week, a letter was sent home to parents, which contained information about the re-enrollment process at the school.  Please look over those materials and consider attending the next Open House, on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 5:30 pm.  These Open Houses are open to current parents, and are a great opportunity for parents to learn more about the next step for their children.  Early Childhood parents of Nursery and Kindergarten students are especially encouraged to come and learn more about the Elementary school programs.

In addition, the parents of children in the Early Childhood programs are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the Enrollment Coordinator, Devon Wood (dwood@waldorfpittsburgh.org) to discuss the next steps for their child for the 2012-13 school year.  While not required, it is helpful to have a conversation with Devon about your family’s enrollment intentions for the following school year.  Applications for 2012-13 from non-currently enrolled families are pouring in, and a wait-list situation is expected for the next school year.  Priority for spaces in 2012-13 classrooms is given to families who are currently enrolled at the school, but unfilled spaces will be opened up to outside applicants beginning Monday, February 6th.

Re-enrollment will begin on Friday, January 13th, and forms will be sent home at this time to all currently enrolled families.  Current kindergarten families who anticipate that their child will be moving up to first grade in the next year do not need to fill out a new application for their child, and can simply indicate their intentions on the re-enrollment form (on January 13th).

Please feel free to contact Devon Wood at dwood@waldorfpittsburgh.org if you have any questions about the school’s programs.

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