The Waldorf Eighth Grade

The theme of Eighth Grade may be summed up as Polarities.  Virtually everything that the eighth grader studies is approached from two perspectives, and leads the student to see for him or herself that there may be two good answers for any one problem, two sides to any one issue.  Students will learn that even a math problem may have two completely different and perfectly correct answers.

This emphasis on duality arises as the curriculum tries to meet, nourish, and balance the powerful polarizing forces in the eighth grader, such as sympathy and antipathy, joy and sorrow, love and hate, good and evil, contraction and relaxation, etc.  Whether they are exploring the complexities of history from Reformation to Revolution, plumbing the mysteries of how opposites attract in magnetism, or what positive and negative implies in electricity, the themes of polarity and balance are of central importance in the eighth grade year.

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