Marionette Performance at Waldorf May Fair

This Saturday, at May Fair, the WSP Early Childhood Faculty will be presenting a marionette show, “The Queen Bee.” Marionette performances such as these have been presented regularly at our school’s festivals and fairs for many a year, and are enjoyed and anticipated by children and adults alike.
Early Childhood Marionette performance at Waldorf Pittsburgh

The following excerpt from “A Lifetime of Joy,” by Bronja Zahlingen, gives a brief glimpse into the pedagogical importance of this remarkable form of storytelling.

“So as educators we try to create at least some special times for inner quieting, for a deeper breath and concentration. An example of one such opportunity is the play with table puppets or marionettes that children experience at first as observers. Out of this observation, rich impulses can grow for their own play…Simple marionettes of silk wander through the colorful world. They walk from house to forest, over the sea and sometimes to the sun, moon, and stars, and even sometimes up to the mountain of clear crystal glass. As they move over the surface of the scene, using its length, breadth, and depth, the observing child can inwardly unite immediately with the experience of space, while on the television only deception of the eye is at work. Here inner activity is created that works in a refreshing and enlivening way into the very breath and blood circulation. Color, movement, gesture and language shape a unity, and fitting music can envelop the soul in warmth and safety.”


And so, it is with great joy that the Early Childhood Faculty invites you to join us this Saturday, and look forward to sharing with you the gift of “The Queen Bee.”

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