Donations needed for the Woolly School Garden

Our school is now registered with Woolly School Garden, a organization which helps schools create their own edible gardens. (This is an idea with growing popularity due largely to Alice Waters’ success with edible gardens at schools in Berkeley, CA.) An edible garden can be a tool for education in botany, agriculture, cooking, and so much more, including patience and self esteem!

Between now and September 1, the folks at Woolly School Gardens will match every dollar pledged. That means that instead of raising the remaining $750 needed for the garden, WSP just needs $375 in donations. Here’s your chance to make your donation count for double! Click here to donate.

Please note, those of you who got information on Back to School Night, the web address was incorrect.  The correct address is (two L’s in woolly).  Please contact Veronica Harris, Parent Association Co-Chair at if any additional information is needed.

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One Response to Donations needed for the Woolly School Garden

  1. Veronica Harris says:

    Thank you to everyone in our community who donated to this project… it is now fully funded!