Donating Books to the Library

The WSP library is a work in progress, and our total collection has to keep increasing to comply with educational standards.  We need to replace out-of-date or tattered books.

Guidelines for Book Donations:

  1. Donate books that are new or gently used.
  2. The library needs more books about all sciences, history, and mythology; books the natural world, and the built environment; books about other places, other peoples and cultures.
  3. Consult the guide to non-fiction topics posted in the library for ideas.
  4. The library needs more books for beginning readers and for the upper grades.  Picture books and board books will still be accepted
  5. Do not donate books that need major repairs.
  6. Books on parenting topics will be accepted and placed in the parent room.  No general fiction books for adults or motivational or instruction books for adults can be used.  No pamphlets, magazines, or textbooks are being collected at this time.
  7. Consider whether the book topic is appropriate for the Waldorf library.
  8. Ask our child’s teacher for advice and book ideas.

Potential sources of books are public libraries and other schools that may be giving away perfectly fine children’s books.  Stores that sell used goods often have new books for as little as $.50 to $1.00.  Donated books should be left in the Carriage House.  Please leave them on or near the shelves for books in sturdy boxes or bags. You can donate one, two, or a whole box.

If you would like a bookplate for a new book which will indicate that you are donating to commemorate a special event or person, please leave the book with a note with Miss Hilary in the Front Office.

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