Deadline for next scrip card order: April 20

It’s never to late to participate in the scrip fundraiser!  Scrip are gift cards that give a percentage of the purchase back to the school, at NO EXTRA COST to families.  You can buy gift cards instantly online for many merchants (Amazon, itunes, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, to name just a few) and some merchants (like Whole Foods) offer “reloadable” cards (buy one card, and you can reload it online any time).  To date we have twenty three families participating, and they’ve collectively raised over $1000 for the school, targeted to playground improvement.

The sign up is a fussy two step process, but once you’re registered, buying cards is easy and convenient.  Physical cards are ordered once a month.  To sign up, go to and use our school’s enrollment code:  5B7231F928918.  If you have questions about enrollment or the program, contact Wendy Arons at

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