Communications Policy

Last spring many parents participated in a communications survey.  Thank you so much for your valuable feedback that helped inform the development of a communications policy for the school. After reading compiling the responses, it was apparent that most parents would like to receive their information from the school via e-mail.  Additionally, the administrative staff wishes to conserve resources and reduce paper expenditures as much as possible, so most of the school communications will be delivered electronically to parents.

Our communications policy for school communications to parents from the Front Office is as follows:

1)  A newsletter will be prepared and sent out every other Friday by email.  Printed copies of the newsletter will be made available to parents and children to pick up from the Front Office on the day of publication.
2)  On alternating Fridays, an email list of announcements will be distributed by email only.  However, some last minute changes in schedules or arising issues may need to be communicated by email to the school community on other days of the week depending on need.
3)  The Front Office will send paper announcements home to parents in their child’s backpacks.  These are limited to: fliers for events, outreach information, medical illness notices, order forms, school closure forms, transportation change forms, and field trip permission forms.  Parents are encouraged to check their child’s backpack or cubby everyday to obtain this information.
4) In the event of a school closure or delay due to weather, parents will be contacted by the Campus Wire service by text message, automated phone message or email.  Parents must sign up for this service using the form given to them in their school packets.

Our communications policy for classroom communications to parents from the child’s teacher is as follows:

1)  Communications will come from the classroom teachers every month or at some other frequency determined by the class teacher. Class teachers will inform parents at the beginning of each school year how they will be getting class info and updates.

2) Paper communications from the teacher may be sent home on a daily basis.  Parents are encouraged to check their child’s backpack or cubby on a daily basis for any papers or forms that are sent home

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