After School Clubs

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is pleased to offer the following after school clubs for the 2016-17 school year:

Clubs on-site daily rhythm:
3:00- check-in
3:05-3:30- Club activity
3:30-3:50- Snack
3:50-4:20- Club activity
4:20- Club clean-up
4:30-5:00- optional homework lounge

Please use this link to register for clubs.

Click here for a calendar of club offerings.

Winter Season Opportunities (Beginning January 2017):

Singer’s Club – Ms. Angela Illar (grs. 5-8) – For students who like to sing in a group or wish to develop individual confidence in singing. We will build a group of singers who wish to work on select numbers throughout the school year and share them at festivals, sharings or school events. This year’s club will focus on singing, harmonies, and beginner/intermediate performance styles. Ms. Illar has been a part of numerous singing and musical groups throughout years in school, the Johnstown Symphony Chorus and has been studying and performing musical acts since age 11. She will share accompaniment with several instruments including guitar, harmonica or percussion. Students will take control of the repertoire and share meaningful songs with the community at times, or simply enjoy singing together during club. Acting and comedy will not be included in this year’s rehearsals and sharing. Note that the club will have occasional lunch-time meetings rather than after-school sessions. Singer’s club will share talents with WSP community, friends and family on Monday, November 7th at the After-school Program Social. The new group may be asked to share talent at Winter or May Fairs, school assemblies, the Festival of Courage or other events. Sharing will be held during after school social on March 9th.

Handwork Club (grs. 3-6) – Ms. Betsy Lychack’s handwork club has become an after school tradition that students greatly look forward to each year. Students will create with drop spindles, spinning wheels, use wool carders and explore fiber arts in this engaging handwork club led by Ms. Betsy and other Waldorf parent volunteers. Ms. Betsy learned to knit in the early 1980s and was fascinated by the process. She became an apprentice on a sheep farm in 1985 and discovered spinning. The artistry and craft of spinning and knitting have been a part of her life ever since.

Homework Lounge – (grs. 3-8) will be offered on most Wednesdays throughout the school year. This will be an individual and group study environment for those hoping to organize homework and study ahead before or during busy weeks. Students joining school sports and snowsports club may benefit from this available preparation time. Homework lounge if FREE to attend, but parents must confirm student attendance by communicating with both and weekly. Homework lounge is from 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Homework Lounge Rules: Students are expected to bring two sharpened pencils, paper and necessary homework materials upon arrival. We do not wish for students to leave the area or be in the hallway once we begin. Students working in a group will work in a designated group area. Students working individually will be expected to work silently and may ask questions of the homework lounge instructor or peer tutors. Those who finish early before the session ends are expected to read quietly but may also serve as peer tutors. Homework lounge sessions may not serve as substitute lessons for specialized tutoring services recommended or required for a student by the class teacher. Snacks will NOT be provided, but students are encouraged to bring a healthy and nut-free after-school snack to eat when taking a break. Homework lounge is a studious environment, and excessive talking is not permitted. Students who are disruptive beyond three reminders within one session may hold a conference with Ms. Illar and a parent before being permitted to attend further Homework Lounge sessions.

Chess Club will be a part of the 3:00-6:00 After-School Program in 2017. However, if your child is interested in learning beginner or intermediate chess skills, and is not part of After-School, he or she can still join the After-School students for Chess Club starting Wednesday, January 24 through March 8. Email to register your child for Chess Club.

Snowsports Club – For students in grade 4-8. All students and at least one parent or guardian must attend the mandatory snowsports safety meeting on Wednesday, December 7th from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm prior to attending snowports sessions. Any person who is not available for the meeting must arrange a time to meet with Ms. Illar before attending the first snowsports session. Student paperwork and payments for snowsports club will be submitted online. See extensive snowsports information in the Snowsports Informational Packet.

March 9th- After school social and Singer’s club sharing 5:00-6:30 pm

Spring Season Opportunities:

Tennis lessons (grs. 3-8) with “Koach” Konroy: “Koach: Tim Konroy holds a degree in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance & Coaching from Slippery Rock University. Certified USPTR with right hand & USPTA with left hand, age ten and under certified in addition to other tennis training.
These lessons have a fee of $130.00 covering seven sessions. Lessons will be held at Arsenal Park. Clubs held at Arsenal Park will not include homework lounge. Pick-up for Arsenal Park clubs will be at 5:00 pm at Arsenal Park, with the exception of March 16th when students will return to school for 4:00 pick-up.

March Madness Pick-up Basketball: Celebrate an athletic tradition by getting into the spirit with basketball games. Students will meet after-school for pick-up games. There is NO COST to attend. Snack will not be provided. Please bring a healthy and nut-free snack, water bottle and athletic clothing and shoes to each session. Students will experience small half-court games with breaks and substitutions when needed. Activity will end by 4:00 pm.

Thursday, March 16th Arsenal Park Outdoor Fun and Bowling Day, Grades 1-8

We will depart from WSP by 9:00 am for Arsenal Park. We will hold activities including pick-up sport games, recess, outdoor nature play and snack time. Students must bring a packed snack and lunch. After eating lunch at Arsenal Park, we will walk to Arsenal Lanes bowling center. We will return to WSP by 4:00 pm for pick-up. Child care cost will include bowling fees, shoes and bus fare to return to school. We suggest packing extra snacks and a water bottle.

Pick-up Soccer Skills and Scrimmage at Arsenal Park: We will review turning skills and ball-handling techniques before enjoying soccer intramural scrimmages each week. We may be visited by friends such as Mr. Jeffery Dorsey. Mr. Dorsey is a soccer coach, a life-long soccer enthusiast and semi-pro teammate. Ms. Bentley Bondy, life-long soccer player and Sundrop Kindergarten Assistant will also be there to join in the fun. Beginners welcome. Children must bring shin guards and a water bottle to participate.

Club Policies:

Clubs end promptly at 5:00 pm. Any child picked up past 5:00 may be billed at a rate of 1.00/minute and will wait in the extended care program until parents arrive.

Clubs are a place for all in attendance to learn in a hassle-free environment. WSP School rules pertaining to behavior and bullying will apply to all WSP clubs.

Students must complete all past-due homework assignments before attending clubs. In addition, students must attend main lesson the same day of the club in order to participate in clubs

Homework lounge sessions may not serve as substitute lessons for specialized tutoring services recommended or required for a student by the class teacher.

Children who exhibit disruptive behavior and require more than three reminders to steady behavior may be required to attend a conference with a parent, class teacher and Ms. Illar before being permitted to attend future club sessions.

Students and at least one parent/guardian must attend a mandatory snowsports safety meeting before attending snowsports sessions.

Registration forms and payment are due before the first club date. We ask that parents register children at least 30 days in advance before the club begins. For late registrations, contact for availability.

See specific policies and safety information related to snowsports Club.

Clubs held at Arsenal Park will not include homework lounge. Pick-up for Arsenal Park clubs will be at 5:00 pm at Arsenal Park, with the exception of March 16th when students will return to school for 4:00 pick-up.

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