Club Café Concert Brought in an Eclectic Crowd

Last Friday’s Benefit Concert at Club Café brought in the full gambit of Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Community members for a fun evening of socializing with good food, drinks, and music. The crowd consisted mostly of volunteers, past and present faculty, alumni, parents and friends of the school.

Ben Shannon, friend of the school, opened with his set, comprised mostly of guitar and keyboard ensembles. He was followed by the main act, Mark Dignam, who played his unique sounds in accompaniment of the djembe hand drum player and the bagpipes bringing a pleasing array of skillful and soulful songs to the crowd.  “He is a very emotional singer,” Laura Baker, Business Manager, said. “He is expressive and quite giving in his performance.”

The fundraiser was eclectic gathering of community members, but it was a nice, relaxing evening for all that attended, with a total of $940.00 raised for the school.

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