Circus Camp

Camp has been a great way to bring together old and new friends this summer. We were lucky to host campers from our own school as well as several others local schools.

In Circus, campers juggled, spun plates, learned clowning, and more. Mr. Mike, a Ringling Brothers trained performer and teacher, encouraged campers’ transformation into real circus performers.

We would like to share with you some thoughts from one parent of two campers new to Waldorf.   Please read how these campers were engaged – head, heart, and hands:

My expectations, when I decided to send my 8- and 9-year old boys to circus camp, were very generalized. It would be fun and it would be physical. And it certainly was. But my boys were engaged at a much deeper level as well. Learning how to do something that looks impossibly hard—balancing a peacock feather upright on a pinkie finger, for instance, or juggle three balls in the air—was more than a matter of learning a trick. The tricks demanded focus, not my kids’ strong suit, but also trust—trust in their teachers, and, finally trust in themselves.

With that trust, I saw so much growth in the course of a mere week. By weeks’ end, my youngest, who was so shy he would never even sing a song out loud with anyone around, asked me to buy him a clown nose and hat. At the little performance at the close of the session, he owned the stage. I don’t think that’s something he’ll ever forget. I certainly won’t.
— Sally Flecker Janis, mother of Logan and Riley

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