Child care during Teacher Visiting days and Conferences

Child Care Options for Friday, October 28th 2011

On Friday, October 28th 2011, The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh will be closed. The Extended Care Program will offer childcare from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM on this day. (Half Day is 8:00 – 12:00)


Cost: $ 25. 00 Half Day / $ 45. 00 Full Day


RSVP: Pre – Registration is required to attend. Your child must be enrolled in the Extended Care Program.


Pick Up/Drop Off: Drop Off: Enter the Front or Rear Door. Pick – Up will be in the Grades Play Yard at 4:30 PM weather permitting (in climate weather pick-up will be in the Coral Bell Kindergarten Classroom)

  • You may pick your child up early, however the cost remains the same.


Drop Off Location: Coral Bell Kindergarten Classroom


Please send your Nursery/Kindergarten child with the following items: A lunch, a resting blanket, an afternoon snack, and appropriate outdoor wear.


Please send your Grades child with the following items: A lunch, an afternoon snack, and appropriate outdoor wear.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Extended Care will run 8: 00 – 4: 00 on all Full Day Care Days instead of the previously printed 8:30 – 4: 30. We apologize for the misprint.


Extended Care Contact Information: 412 – 441 – 5792 Ex: 230


Childcare Options for Parent-Teacher Conference Days

October 31, and November 1


Children are not to be left unattended in the school during parent-teacher conferences.  Therefore, if you need childcare, we offer the following options:


Short-Term Childcare is available from 8am-4pm both days and is for use just during the time of your conference.

Cost:      $5.00 per conference for each family of children (minimum age – 18 mo.)

RSVP:    Pre-registration, with Lizz, required by 3pm on October 28

(If you need to cancel, please give a 24 hour notice.)


Share Childcare with Another Parent who has a conference before or after yours.  Parents sharing childcare can either be on the school grounds, or in the auditorium or parent room.


Grade Five and Six Children Have Two Options  They may either be a helper in the childcare room during their parent’s conference time with no fee charged (please register as such with Lizz) or register to be in short term childcare.


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