Birthday Round-up

The school would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to everyone who celebrated their special day in November, December, and will be celebrating this January.

Happy Belated Birthday to the following November and December students and staff:

Martha Pitard-November 4th
Sadie Navid-November 5th
Arden Kingston-November 5th
Amelia Hahn-November 6th
Lyra Stiglitz-November 11th
Ms. Eva-November 11th
Annouk Yoo-Polzin-November 12th
Clementine Hooper-November 12th
Marissa Bjork-November 14th
Kavi Mankoff-Dey-November 16th
Burke Keener-November 20th
Ms. Wiegman-November 21st
Uriah Reid-November 26th
Asher White- November 27th
Ms. Goodman-November 28th
Alexander Papa-December 2nd
Mr. Phil-December 4th
Ms. Laura Baker-December 4th
Maria Charnashei-December 5th
Ms. Jeanne-December 6th
Andres Camacho-Moreno-December 7th
Ellie Balk-December 13th
Leda Perdriel-Arons-December 13th
Vincent Wyble-December 14th
Eliza Dorsey-December 17th
Ms. Lizz-December 20th
Kate Pickens-December 26th

And Happy Birthday to all those students who are celebrating their birthday this month:

Sophia Doyno-January 3rd
Adam Rossi-January 3rd
Cru Kamierczak-January 23rd
Cynthia Lopez-January 23rd
Rachel Nash-January 26th

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