Baked Goods for Winter Fair

If you are a baker, we would love to have your baked goods. The Parent Association needs your homemade *NUT FREE* baked goods dropped off at the school in the library on Friday, December 2nd or by 10 am Saturday, December 3rd.  Please include an ingredient list.  We also need donations of popcorn and cranberry strands to help decorate the school. Stringing popcorn and cranberries is a fun and easy way to fulfill some of your volunteer hours at home. You may drop these in the library also.


Craft donations: To make our crafts successful and enjoyable for the children we are soliciting the community for the following items. They can be dropped off anytime this week by Friday evening in the Front Office? Or Library?


Wool for felting

Thick sponges for felting

Cooking butane canisters

Wax paper


Ground cinnamon


Elmer’s glue



Please contact the Winter Fair Co-Coordinators, Christina Frasher ( or Becky Davidson-Wagner ( if you have any of these items for donation.

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