Autism Awareness Month Collection

April is National Autism awareness month and students at Carnegie Mellon are collecting supplies that are needed by PLEA (Programs for Living, Education, and Advocacy:, an organization that cares for children with behavioral and developmental disorders. Through this drive, we are hoping to provide the teachers with better resources to assist the children in their daily activities. Some of the supplies they need most include, but are not limited to:
Art Supplies- crayons, paints, markers
Toys- puzzles, Lego, blocks, board games, Frisbees, play doh, bubbles
New or used kids’ clothing
Any non-perishable snack items
Cleaning supplies- baby wipes, Clorox wipes

We will be collecting supplies in a large box in the hallway of the Main Building through April 30th. For more information, please contact parent Jen Mankoff at

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