Annual Day of Giving – October 3rd

Our school fulfills a unique role in our region’s rich and varied Pre-K to elementary educational landscape by offering children an education unique in its understanding of child development and its integration of the arts, music, language, movement, and emotional and spiritual development in children.  As noted in Beyond Ecophobia, it is an education that starts “on the student’s home ground, where family, culture and natural history resonate in a personal, grounded manner.”  Our school is one of over 1,000 Waldorf schools world-wide. Each, in distinctly different ways, strives to realize this common vision of educational excellence.

The core mission of our office is to ensure that our students experience learning as a living engagement with the world by making certain that our teachers have the resources to create such opportunities for learning each day. And because our school, like all Waldorf schools, is an independent, community-supported organization, realizing this vision of meaningful teaching and learning is dependent on the generous gifts of time, talent, funds and spirit of the school’s families and our broader community.

When we ask for your financial assistance, we do so for no other reason than to support the school in fulfilling its mission to educate each child in the extraordinary way our school makes possible.

Contribute to the Annual Fund Drive 2012
Donate at
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 from 12am-11:59 p.m.

Donate to the school online through during the 24 hours of October 3, 2012 and your donation will be “matched” by a pro-rated portion of the match pool. Only MasterCard and Visa credit card donations received through will be eligible for a match. The minimum gift is $25. The maximum gift that an individual can give per organization is $10,000.

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