Spotlight on Teachers: Ang Illar

“I can’t imagine teaching at a different school now or ever in my life.”

-Ang Illar

Why is growing teachers so important at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh? Because teachers who continue their professional development and who are adequately compensated, give children their very best! Will you help WSP grow teachers with your generous gift to the Annual Fund?

Ang Illar came to visit the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh in 2009 with a friend during an open house. Visiting the handwork room had an immediate impact. “I was just astounded by the artistic abilities of the children. Can children really do this? I was awestruck!” So Ang kept coming back, enduring a long commute from Somerset, PA to substitute for a teacher who was on maternity leave. Ms. Illar has never left and she credits each of you!

“For me, it’s the community – the people here, the parents, Kirsten (Christopherson-Clark) who is such a good role model and who is dedicated to making Waldorf stand-out. The kids are so open-minded and they have this great willingness to participate and learn.”

Our Teachers like Ang Illar deserve our best too. They deserve a competitive salary and benefits so they can take care of their own families. They deserve our support when they want to gain new skills as educators through continuing education.

Ms. Illar is attending Spacial Dynamics® training (see above photo) – which is a Waldorf Education specialized form of movement theory. It encompasses movement, balance, and the healing arts to help children, and adults become more aware of their bodies in relation to their physical space. “I hope to become a level 3 practitioner because I want to offer my help to our students, families and teachers so they can be healthy and aware of their bodies.”

“I want to develop other useful programs too such as archery, soccer, outdoor wilderness training. I want to put Waldorf principles into action.” When asked if she could have three wishes granted Ms. Illar responded, “a gymnasium, more green space, and a healthy lunch program.” No mention about her own person gain – an amazing and yet very typical Waldorf teacher response.

You can help Ang Illar provide the very best Waldorf Education for our children. Donate to this year’s Annual Fund, and let Ang know that you believe in her and every teacher at our school.

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