An Upcoming Project: The Waldorf Place Study

At the beginning of March, you will receive an invitation to participate in the first phase of a Place Study of the Waldorf School grounds with your child that is  part of a joint collaboration with PlaceLab, a Research Group at Duquesne University coordinated by Dr. Eva Simms and Denise Mahone (both Waldorf parents). The purpose of the project is to help us gain a better understanding of how the children of our school experience the outdoor space of the Waldorf grounds.   We have been working to create a Place Study of our grounds that respects the wholeness of our natural environment, envisions how the outdoor places can support the education of our children in age appropriate ways, and will help to inform our ongoing efforts to create an outdoor space that encourages a deep emotional connection.  For this collaborative project, a map of the school grounds has been created by the eighth grade and will be on display in the front hall of the school in the coming weeks.  This Child Map is meant to be a public, interactive document that will help us to see what places on the grounds are meaningful to the children, based on your and other parents’ voluntary interactions with it.  By March 1st, a packet of materials will be sent home with your child that will contain more information related to this Place Study project, and instructions for how you can participate with your child and interact with the map.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about this project, please contact Denise Mahone at or Kirsten Christopherson-Clark at

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