An Invitation To Join Our Summer Work Days & Nights

There are many exciting changes in store for our school building this summer!  Our expansion projects include preparing the current Forest Garden to become a second nursery classroom, installing sinks in all the early childhood classrooms and preparing the chapel to become our first-time-ever 7th grade.  In addition to these expansion related projects, we have other regular summer projects. We graciously ask for your time and talents in helping us accomplish this work.

In order to pace ourselves, we have designated several Saturdays and weeknights to tackle the work throughout the summer.  Please see the schedule below to give you an idea of the kind of projects we have on the docket.

Saturday, June 9, 8:00am

  • Painting in the Yellow House
  • Painting the radiators in the auditorium
  • Helping with the early childhood sink installations

Thursday, June 14, 5:00pm

  • Clear room in the basement for pews from chapel

Saturday, June 30, 8:00am

  • Remove pews from the chapel and store in the basement
  • Painting in the chapel and the new nursery

Tuesday, July 10, 5:00pm

Saturday, July 21, 8:00am

Saturday, August 4, 8:00am

Tuesday, August 7, 5:00pm

Above are start times but feel free to come any time that fits your schedule.  Brendan Froeschl, Facilities Manager, is organizing the work.  Please contact him if you are willing to join the effort.  He will email everyone several days before each date to get an RSVP and to provide an update on the particular project(s) lined up.  As always, feel free to arrange with Brendan other times that are more conducive to your schedule. Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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