A Note on the Auditorium Walls

As noted in our article about our summer building projects, we plan to paint over the mural in the auditorium using the colorful glazing technique used in the classrooms called lazuring.  Prior to doing this, we will document the space by taking many photographs for our archives.  Some members of our community have shared that they have a special attachment to this mural and find it difficult to see it go away.  Please be aware that this decision was not made lightly, and hopefully the following points will help to illustrate the history of the mural and the reasoning behind moving forward with a new look:

  • The mural “St. Ursula’s Afterlife” was painted around 1994 when the building was owned by Joedda Sampson and used as a banquet center
  • Since purchasing the building, members of the school faculty and staff have wanted, and intended, to paint over the mural
  • Currently the plaster walls have begun to crumble in numerous places, creating a health and safety risk, and necessitating repair; to repair the mural along with the plaster would be very expensive
  • Despite its wispy elements and bright colors, the mural is not reflective of the philosophy of Waldorf education, particularly because of the strong usage of animal and human forms.  Whenever Eurythmy is taught in that space, portions of the mural are covered to avoid distraction.
  • As a public space used by many individuals, some not even in our school community, the mural plays a role in miscommunicating the culture and philosophy of our school
  • The newly installed cork floor sets the tone for continuing to create a new space, one that reflects our school community more clearly and effectively

Please consider the above points and feel free to contact our school’s Administrator, Kirsten Christopherson-Clark at kcclark@waldorfpittsburgh.org  or 412-441-5792, ext. 231, if you have questions or comments.

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