A letter to the community

Dear Parents:

As many may have noticed, Lizz Leonard, the school’s Front Office Manager, is expecting a baby and will become a mother for the second time at the end of May.  Ms. Lizz has decided to stay at home to care for her second child and sadly will not be returning to the Front Office next school year. Thankfully, she will be able to remain in the Front Office until the end of the school year, provided that the baby doesn’t have other ideas.

During her tenure in the Front Office over the past two years, Ms. Lizz has tended to a large variety of duties and has been amazingly level-headed and steadfast when confronted with multiple, simultaneous demanding situations.  Lizz has cared for all of our children when they have taken ill at school, dispensed multitudes of bandaids, and provided a quiet respite for those students needing a break from the classroom.  Her authorship of the school’s website, Facebook page, the Transportation Change form and newsletter have allowed the school to grow its communications capacities, and she developed the foundations for the new look of the Enrollment Office materials.

We are all so grateful for her service here, and wish her the best into the future.  At this time, the Administrative staff will begin the process of hiring a new Front Office Manager, and a job posting has been included with this newsletter for the position.

With much thanks,

Laura Baker

Administrative Team Leader and Business Manager

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