A few words from the Parent Association

A few words from the Parent Association:

At Tuesday’s Board meeting, each Committee and the PA presented their goals for the upcoming year. The Parent Association listed the following as our 2010-2011 Goals and Objectives:

1. Expand the Hospitality Committee to provide teacher/staff appreciation brunches and support other specific events throughout the year (open houses, for an example) with refreshments.
2. Move Parent Room back to 1st floor to act as a social hub, and in concert with Upper Elementary School Expansion plans.
3. Fully establish Parent Council (this is already in progress!)
4. Host regular “coffees”… hopefully this will develop in to other groups (reading group, handwork group, etc.)
There will be more information coming soon about each of these goals.

Also, of particular note: The Upper Elementary Expansion Group will be meeting throughout the summer to develop a master plan for expansion. If you want to be involved in this planning, now is the time to do it. Please contact Jeffrey Dorsey or Alex Gruskos to get involved.

If anyone is interested in joining the PA as either Secretary or Parent Representative to the Board, these positions are currently available. Just let us know!

Enjoy the summer and as always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact one of us.
Ashley Comer and Veronica Harris.

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